Some water inside before you make the drink?!?

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Some water inside before you make the drink?!?

It seems to me that 160 degrees seems really hot for milk!  Before I had the thermometer I thought I might be heating up the milk too much but according to it wasn't going long enough!  Just seems like I get sub par microfoam results letting it go all the way to 160 so I've been backing off earlier.  So that hasn't really helped me much.

But one thing that has really changed the staying power of the micro foam (for the better) is the bean I've been using lately!  Based on all the ringing endorsements of Red Bird espresso on the site I ordered a fiver from Jeff.  After nine days of waiting it finally made it to me here in the Scary White North and let me tell you, I haven't got such a nice thick, syrupy crema from any other bean I've tried so far (admittedly it's only been a few so far).  This stuff is crazy!  And it also seems to have made my micro foam last a lot longer than it did before.  Or at least it seems like it...I guess if the coffee is thicker you should expect the foam to last longer?

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