Redhat 7.2 internet problems

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Redhat 7.2 internet problems

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OK, I just installed RH 7.2 on a machine on campus. It is on a windows network.I added all the internet connection information needed during setup. Setup finished, everything was kosher, had internet access, mail, pinging gateway was fine, everything fine. I logged in as root, btw.I did 3 things:
1. added the network printer using the printer gui interface. Printed test page. Test page was messed up, but I will fix that later.
2. Downloaded new version of xmms to /root, did not install it.
3. double clicked an mp3 to listen to it. system froze. had to hard restart.
After restarting, I no longer have internet access. can ping my ip addy, and nothing else: no gateway, no other addys, no other machines on the computer.The reason that I reinstalled was for the reason above: no internet access. Because I had it for a few minutes, I must have done something to screw it up, but I dont know what or how. Further, this machine, with its previous rh 7.2 install, ran on my home network fine, and I never saw this problem. Any help/ suggestions?

Any help will be apprecited.

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