Overclocking and keeping it permanently

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Overclocking and keeping it permanently

I have tooled around with overclocking my 1090T with AMD OverDrive. Stock, my CPU is at 3.5ghz. I know in turbo mode I can take it up to 4.2, but I'd prefer not to catch my rig on fire.

I played with the different speeds and stuff and I figured out that I really like the performance when I gently bump it to 3.8ghz. However when I close OverDrive it resets back to 3.5

So when I bring it to 3.8 I need to keep OverDrive open until I'm done playing my game then I can exit it and bring it back to stock.

However, how can I keep it permanantly overclocked at 3.8?
Please Help.
Thanks !

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