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Have you always wow classic gold dreamed of managing the whip and taming the most ferocious beasts? Thanks to the Osamodas you'll have your private menagerie! Millenium now delivers you the keys of the course which haunts the minds and Kolizéum of Dofus players! A time determined by his invocations, Dofusplay was criticized several times.

After many essential nerves along with the arrival of the Variants in 2.45, the Osamodas becomes a pillar having crazy capacities. This class' versatility allows him to be in the peak in PvM.

Because of this, his investment or support capabilities are strong. On the other hand, the particularity of the Osamodas is that its function is preferred by its Elementary Way and its transformation ("Fusion"). The multi-element is not viable since Osamodas does not offer you the possibility of changing transformation at or too readily a cost to become workable. The power is a disadvantage. In reality, the support capacity of the Osamodaspresent, varies enormously according to the Osamodas' Transformations.

Your allies can heal, boost, shield. Nevertheless you will not be able to do everything. It will be necessary to generate a choice before the battle, in order to support your staff as well as possible. An individual must never lose sight of this truth that Osamodas is the only class able to rekindle one of its allies, reinforcing its role. The Osamodas also can boost an invocation to make it a true monster. Dubbed"the fourth Dofus player" in the DWS Winter Edition, the invocation rox ability is well suited to several Dofus classes.

So, your Osamodas can really be a source of harm, but again there is a condition. This time it's not a decision in preparation for the fight but more to install his own Dofus game. The Osamodas does not have the capability to inflict heavy damage. He might need to set up his invocations over turns (the enemies will do everything to prevent it). Although this part of Dofusplay Osamodas is not the most developed, the capacity to push, attraction and small transpositions gold in wow classic are numerous. Throughout a mastered Dofus game of Invocations, it's possible to make complex moves, to make (nearly ) pale a Xelor!

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