Computer starts fine, then freezes a few minutes later

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Computer starts fine, then freezes a few minutes later


The computer in question worked fine yesterday.Now, when it boots up, everything seems fine, but then within about 10 minutes of logging in, it freezes & no longer responds to the mouse or keyboard.
The timing is different each time - sometimes it is the moment after login - sometimes it gives you time to get a few programs open etc before it happens.When it freezes, it doesn't just freeze everything instantly. It seems like the mouse buttons stop working, then a few seconds later the mouse itself stops working, then the keyboard stops (to the extent that the caps lock light no longer activates when the key is pressed).If there were things on screen that showed progress bars etc, or any sort of movement, these all stop moving too.I've tried rolling back Windows to yesterday morning (when it was definitely working) & have switched to a different USB mouse & Keyboard, as well as unplugging the USB hub in the monitor.
Never had any problems with this machine before.Any ideas where to start looking for problems? I can see nothing in the Windows logs to indicate an obvious error occurring.

Please help.

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