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Coach Jeff Monken and the Army football team watched the New York Giants practice and were saluted by the NFL players after the workout.

Because of NCAA rules Rico Gathers Jersey , the Cadets had to watch the roughly two-hour workout sitting in the temporary stands surrounding the Giants' three fields at the team headquarters near MetLife Stadium.

After meeting with coach Pat Shurmur, the Giants walked over as a group, waved to the Army players and threw small equipment to the Cadets. Star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. ran toward the chain link fence separating the field from the stands and climbed it, while two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning tossed gloves into the stands.

"These guys are terrific young men and at some point they may be defending our freedom, so our guys, I thought it was great, they went over there and acknowledged them," Shurmur said.

Monken said the Cadets had planned to attend a practice last season but they had to cancel the trip when weather forced him to make up a practice at West Point. With a day off Tuesday, Monken planned the roughly one-hour trip from the military academy.

"We were thrilled to have this opportunity to come here on our day off and watch the professionals Ryan McDonagh Jersey ," Monken said.

Army is coming off a 10-3 season that ended with a 42-35 win over San Diego State in the Lockheed Martin Armed Services Bowl in Texas. The Cadets open their season on Aug. 31 at Duke.

Like most coaches, Monken said his team is not ready.

"We are a long ways from ready," said Monken, entering his fifth season at Army. "If you saw us practice yesterday (Monday), you would know how far we are from ready."

Monken and his staff stood on the sidelines and occasionally talked to Giants coaches during the workout. Being a former special teams coach, he spoke with assistant Tom Quinn. He also liked a few of the passing routes New York was running.

"We're not a big throwing team, but we can use some of that," he said.

If one drill caught Monken's eye it was a scout team drill the Giants were using to prepare their defense for Cleveland.

Monken took note of the offensive personnel on the field.

"Who is in there but No. 10 at quarterback (Manning), and Beckham is over there playing receiver off the scout cards Jay Novacek Jersey ," Monken said. "It's great for our guys that these guys in there and giving their defense the best look, and we're prepared to win the game. Other people don't notice. I noticed and I certainly think our guys noticed, too."

The Los Angeles NFL franchises have realized that they need to pretend to be excited about the arrival of LeBron James to town, even if they are, at a minimum, concerned about how the return to prominence of the Lakers may eclipse other local sports teams.

Maybe the rising LeBron tide lifts all L.A. boats. Maybe there are still only so many dollars and hours to spend and to spare on supporting and following sports. Regardless, the Rams and Chargers need to observe the “when in Rome” mantra, and pay homage to Emperor James.

The Rams gave James a formal welcome tweet, with a photo of him attending a Rams game at the L.A. Coliseum. The Chargers opted to simply retweet a player’s tweet. Neither team’s official website , however, mentions the most stunning L.A. sports development since Wayne Gretzky’s arrival 30 years ago.

It’s easy to try to shrug at this, but any responsible sports businessperson knows that LeBron will have a ripple effect on other local sporting interests. That gift card from MeeMaw, for example, that may have been spent on a Todd Gurley jersey will now go to a sleeveless yellow No. 23. The discretionary cash in the family budget that may have been devoted to football outings will now go to paying a premium on the secondary market to Witness.

While it’s the dawn of a potentially a thrilling time for L.A. sports fans, L.A. sports fans necessarily will prioritize. And that will put pressure on each sports team to deliver, or to risk being disregarded.

As to the Rams and Chargers, it becomes a much bigger deal for the team that arrived in L.A. a year late and that plays in an undersized stadium. With two local football, basketball Authentic Marcus Johansson Jersey , and baseball teams, L.A. is on the verge of being a Rams-Lakers-Dodgers city, with the Lakers poised to take over the top spot, quickly.

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